Dust Control

Yellowhead County applies Calcium Chloride for Spring and Fall Dust Control. If you are interested in applying for Dust Control please come into our offices before the deadline and fill out an application; the form is also available below.

  1. Application for Dust Control can be made at our Wildwood and Edson offices.
  2. In conjunction with Dust Control Policy, each ratepayer is entitled to an application of Calcium Chloride, 200 metres in length, for a fee of $198.00. This fee represents approximately 33% of the total cost for the dust control application. Full application costs will apply for any requests over 200 metres.
  3. The fee must accompany the application.
  4. Spring applications must be received by May 15. Fall applications must be received by July 31.
  5. Roads continue to be maintained with graders by Yellowhead County even after calcium chloride applications.

Dust Control Application Form