Land Use Bylaw (LUB)

Land use in Yellowhead County is controlled by assigning each parcel of land to a specific Land Use District. There are currently 43 land use districts. Each district has a list of Land Uses that are allowed or not allowed such as home-based businesses or commercial buildings. The Land Use Bylaw (LUB) also regulates the size, height and placement of buildings on land. It also sets out the rules for subdividing land, applying for a development permit or applying to change a land use district.

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Summary of the changes in Land Use Bylaw 09.21.

Yellowhead County updated its Land Use Bylaw to create more business and resident-friendly regulations for construction and land development in the county.

  • Changes to Residential Uses

    • Allowing residents to build more homes on their property.
    • Increasing the maximum size of garage suites, and allowing their development by-right.
    • Less restrictions on the maximum age, size and location of Manufactured Homes.
    • Allowing residents on parcels larger than 9.88 acres to build a garage or shop before a residence.
    • Allowing storage containers in hamlets as long as their appearance is improved.
    • Less restrictions on locations for supportive or affordable housing.
  • Changes to Home-based Businesses Uses

    • Creating a category of home-business that doesn’t require a permit.
    • Exempting smaller home businesses from requiring a permit when located on large parcels of land.
    • Increasing the number of employees and vehicles allowed for medium and large home businesses.
    • Allowing some small cottage-industry businesses on large parcels of land without a residence.
    • Increasing the size of shops, number of employees and vehicles allowed in East River Road.
  • Changes to Commercial & Industrial Uses

    • Simplifying the process required to develop a recreational resort.
    • Reducing gravel pit minimum separation distances and measuring them from pit to residence.
    • Improving the appearance of new development with better architectural, parking and landscaping standards.

For more information, visit the project website.

Land Use Bylaw Maps

You can view the maps of all the areas in the county with the new land uses, including Edson and Area, Hinton and Area, hamlets, and other areas.

Land Use Bylaw Amendments

Land Use Bylaw Amendments Applications can be made if a landowner wants to change the Land Use District of their land. This is for landowners who want to develop something that is not allowed in their current Land Use District. All amendments to the Yellowhead County Land Use Bylaw need to be approved by Yellowhead County Council.


  • 1. How do I apply for a Land Use Bylaw Amendment?

    A Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application requires:

    • A completed application form.
    • Signatures of all Landowners.
    • A statement of the reasons for the request.
    • $400.00 Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application Fee
    • If the parcel in question is under an Area Structure Plan, an additional $1500.00 Area Structure Plan Amendment Fee.
    • A new Area Structure Plan or Area Redevelopment Plan may be required, at the discretion of the Development or Subdivision Authority.
    • Required testing, if the amendment is part of a subdivision application that will create six or more parcels within a quarter section of land.
  • 2. What happens after my application is received?

    • Referral letters are sent to various agencies for comment.
    • The application is presented to council for first reading.
    • If Council chooses to give first reading, a public hearing is scheduled.
    • A letter is sent to the applicant and all adjacent landowners regarding the date and time of the public hearing.
    • The public hearing is advertised in the local paper for two weeks prior to the date of the hearing.
    • Council will decide whether or not to give second and third reading based on the feedback from the public hearing and recommendations from administration.
    • After third reading, a letter will be written to the applicant and anyone else who attended the public hearing, notifying them of the approval. A copy of the signed bylaw will be sent with this notification.
    • If first, second or third reading does not take place, then the application is refused and the applicant will be notified in writing.
  • 3. I’m approved, can I start construction?

    No. An approved amendment still requires an approved development permit prior to beginning construction.

  • 4. My application was rejected, what are my options?

    There is no right-of-appeal for amendment applications under the Municipal Government Act. If an Area Structure Plan amendment is required but does not pass first reading,  a 50% refund will be provided to the applicant.

Bylaw Amendments:

Please contact the Planning Department for assistance.