Development Guides

Thinking about building a new deck, or starting a home-based business, or wanting more information on appealing a decision on your subdivision application? These guides will give you more information to help.

Yellowhead County has several guides for residents and developers looking for information on building in Yellowhead County, from running a home-based business or building a deck to developing industrial operations or work camps. 

  • Appealing Decisions – Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

    Appeals to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) can be made by any person who feels they are adversely affected by a proposed development decision or order; for example: 

      • A development permit application or subdivision application has been refused. 
      • A development permit application or subdivision application has been approved but with conditions which may be considered unacceptable. 
      • A Stop Order has been issued.


    PDF version to download.



  • Bed and Breakfast

      • A Bed and Breakfast is a use accessory to a dwelling which is occupied by the owner or operator who offers accommodation and breakfast to eight (8) or less registered guests at a time. 
    • PDF version to download.



  • Home Occupations and Home Industry

      • A Home Occupation is any occupation, craft, trade or profession carried out by the resident from the home. Yellowhead County does not issue business licenses, but a Commercial/Industrial Development Permit is required for all businesses operating within the county. 
    • PDF version to download.



  • Land Use Bylaw Amendments

      • The Yellowhead County Land Use Bylaw separates the county land into different land use districts. These land use districts dictate the type of development and subdivision that can occur. Land Use Bylaw Amendments Applications can be made if a landowner wants to redistrict their land. This is for landowners who want to develop something that is not allowed in their current district. All amendments to the Yellowhead County Land Use Bylaw shall be approved by the Council for Yellowhead County by Bylaw. 
    • PDF version to download.



  • Letters of Compliance

      • What is a Letter of Compliance? A Letter of Compliance is a confirmation from Yellowhead County that the development on the property meets the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw. Yellowhead County does not require people to obtain a Letter of Compliance but will provide the service when requested. 
      • Why do I need a Letter of Compliance? Letters of compliance are increasingly being requested when real estate is sold. Standard real estate purchase contracts often require the vendor to guarantee that the buildings on the property meets the Land Use Bylaw regulations and do not encroach upon easements, utility right-of-ways or onto other properties. Compliance letters may also be requested by other agencies, for the same reasons. 
    • PDF version to download.



  • Sundecks, Patios and Balconies

      • Developing a Sundeck, Patio or Balcony is a great way to improve the look of your dwelling or structure, as well as add value and appeal to your property. The Yellowhead County Planning Department has some helpful guidelines for building these structures.
    • PDF version to download.



  • Work Camps

      • The County has experienced a great amount of growth in the resource sector in the past several years and there is reason to believe this will continue into the future. One consequence of the increased activity is the requirement for worker’s accommodation. The County feels that under the right circumstances and with proper conditions, work camps should be considered in the RD – Rural District as one of “Those uses which in the opinion of the Development Authority are similar to the permitted or discretionary uses, and which conform to the general purpose and intent of this district.” As a discretionary use Work Camps would, therefore, be subject to appeal by an affected person
    • PDF version to download.