Grow Yellowhead

Locally Grown.  Yellowhead.

We’re helping local food producers, from small niche markets to large processors, get into new markets that are looking for locally sourced food and related products.

The goal of the Yellowhead Local Food Initiative, also known as Grow Yellowhead, is to ensure that a wide range of local food options is readily available to consumers across our region; from local farmers’ markets and grocers to all other markets across the county and beyond!

Visit our Grow Yellowhead website that lists all the local producers and sellers that are part of the Yellowhead County Grow Local

The Yellowhead Local Food Initiative network will help you better promote your goods to your current buyers by entrusting your products with the local Grow Yellowhead local brand and assist you in identifying new markets as we work to create a connected network across the region that brings the best and freshest products Yellowhead County has to offer.

Open Farm Days

Join us for our annual Open Farm Days tour that takes place every August in Yellowhead County. Our guided bus tour visits several local farms where you get a chance to meet the farmers who grow the food and agricultural products that end up in your home and on your dinner plate.