Pumptracks, Bike Parks, and Bike Trails

There are several asphalt pump tracks located in a handful of hamlets across Yellowhead County for anyone looking for a fun and exhilarating place to ride your bike and test your inner daredevil. And there are also kilometres of trails from the beginner to the advanced, as well as three bike and skill parks located across Yellowhead County.

  • Evansburg Pumptrack

    This park is home to  Yellowhead County’s most eastern ‘Velosolutions’ asphalt pumptracks. Located just minutes off of Highway 16.

  • Wildwood Pumptrack

    This park is home to one of Yellowhead County’s ‘Velosolutions’ asphalt pumptracks, two baseball diamonds, and shaded seating areas. This pumptrack is only fifteen minutes west of the Evansburg pumptrack and is easily accessible within the hamlet.

  • Cadomin Pumptrack

    The Cadomin pump track is in the Yellowhead County park space, North of the basketball court. Much of the general park area is fenced off for construction of the new Community Hall. Parking is also impacted. The pump track and playground remain open; however, please be cautious of construction and variable ground conditions until all landscaping is completed. The official grand opening is expected in 2024 in conjunction with the new hall.

  • Niton Junction Pumptrack

    This pumptrack has some nice steep bowls and is just beside the Green Grove Outdoor pool. It’s a perfect combo for a ride and a dip in the pool during the summer heat!

  • Peers Pumptrack

    The Peers pumptrack is a bit further off of Highway 16, but if you take the ten-minute drive up Highway 32 you’ll be able to grab a bite to eat or cold drink after your ride.

  • Marlboro Pumptrack

    The last pumptrack just off the highway as you head west on Highway 16. The Marlboro pumptrack also has a nearby playground with a mini zip line and is just a few minutes from Millers Lake.

  • Robb Pumptrack

    Located off Highway 47, Robb’s asphalted track is fittingly named the ‘Coal Train Pumptrack’, paying homage to area industry. With a variety of features, this track is great for riders of all skill levels. Conveniently located beside the Robb Multiplex and park area.

  • Brule Bike Park

    The latest in the development of great places to ride your bike in Yellowhead County. The bike park boasts dirt trails and built features and is nestled in right in the Alberta Northern Rocky Mountains and has nearby camping and several bed and breakfasts and not too far from Switzer Provincial Park.

  • Edson Bike Skills Park (Willmore Park)



    A new bike park in Willmore Park in Edson built by Jay Hoots to compliment Hinton’s bike park and trails.  The bike park boasts dirt trails and built features.

    And when you’re visiting, you can camp right at the Willmore campground right beside the bike park and trails and overlooking the McLeod River.

  • Hinton Park Bike Park



    One of the first bike parks and trail systems in the area. The bike park boasts dirt trails and built features in addition to kilometres of well-maintained bike trails that start right next to Hinton’s famous Beaver Board Walk.

  • Bighorn Trail Ridge Area


    The latest in the development of great places to ride your bike in Yellowhead County. Big things are planned for the 20+ kilometre Bighorn Trail. This one-hundred-year-old trail gets a new lease on life in 2020 with a $300,000 makeover. The Bighorn Trail, a 100-year-old industry trail from the early 1900s, is still being utilized today for biking and hiking and will be even more accessible and better once the current upgrades are done in 2020.

  • Hinton Mountain Bike

    Called “Alberta’s Mountain Bike Mecca”, Mountain Biking in Hinton is a thrilling outdoor activity for those who love a fun challenge!

    Bike Hinton website
    Bike Hinton Facebook

  • Tons of Trails



    There are so many places to ride you’ll want to ride here all summer long. And with fat tire bikes you can extend your riding right throughout the year!