Communication Towers

Yellowhead County has identified that rural communications (including broadband, mobility, and public safety) is a community enabler for economic prosperity as well as an instrument to assist in the health, safety and emergency management of its residents, industry and visitors. 

Yellowhead County considers a tower network (internet/cell/radio) as a utility and has been installing towers to provide service to underserved areas of the County.

We’re expanding upon the utility communications network that supports broadband, mobility and public safety communications. Yellowhead County also requires all applicants for new towers in the county to make every effort to collocate on Yellowhead County-owned utility towers. In situations where Yellowhead County does not have a tower and private towers are required, the applicant must utilize best efforts to provide tower space for Yellowhead County public safety equipment and collocation opportunities to other potential wireless providers.

The new towers will strengthen opportunities for improved communications in the County. 

See the attached Policy for details on the use and development of communications towers within Yellowhead County. Policy No.6100.04 .

Please contact the Yellowhead County Planning Department with any questions.