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Road Bans are currently off, effective May 29, 2023 at 8:00 AM.

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Road in Yellowhead County

In the spring, Road Bans are imposed to protect County roads.

Weight restrictions on all gravel/dirt and oiled roads will be 75 percent unless specified otherwise. Companies or individuals can apply for a road bond agreement to take overweight vehicles on County roads. The bondholder shall accept full responsibility for all damages to the road and shall post a bond with the County.

All industrial subdivisions within the County will remain ban free during road ban season.

Currently, the two industrial subdivisions exempted from the road ban are the Simms Industrial Subdivision on Rodeo Road and the Mizera Industrial Subdivision (east of Edson). One hundred percent of legal axle weight will be permitted on these roads.

Road Ban Bylaw 39.06 Limit Weights on Yellowhead County Highways

Use of Roads During Road Bans Policy 3200.06

Provincial road ban information can be found here.