Land Use Plans

Intermunicipal Development Plans

These plans are created between two or more municipalities, defining their goals and partnerships for land along their borders. Our current IDP’s are:

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan guides future policy, land use and infrastructure investment decisions. It ensures there is a balance between economic, social, physical development and environmental considerations. It confirms Yellowhead County’s desire to remain predominantly rural with outstanding employment and recreational opportunities.

Area Structure Plans

An Area Structure Plan is a land-use planning document that describes how an area will be subdivided and developed. It lays out the types of land uses proposed for the area and addresses water supply, sewage disposal, stormwater drainage, environmental issues, fire suppression, etc. An internal road system and its connection with the County’s road network are also included in the plan. Area structure plans are approved by Council and used as a guide by the administration in planning future development within Yellowhead County.

All Plan files are in PDF format. While we strive to ensure these PDFs are up-to-date, they may not reflect the most accurate versions of the ASPs. Please contact the Planning and Development department to confirm. If you would like a hard copy please contact the Planning Department