AG Rental Equipment

Agricultural Services strives to promote improved agricultural practices with the county and rental equipment is one method used to achieve this goal. We have also provided a list of agricultural-related businesses that have submitted their name to the County.

Agricultural Services Rental Equipment

The program objective is to rent equipment on a cost-recovery basis that is:

  • Not available from local private rental agents.
  • Not in constant use by ratepayers.
  • A specialized piece of equipment.
  • Related to a program sponsored by the board.
  • In addition, the program maintains spray equipment that can be utilized by landowners complying with the Weed Control Policy.
  • Rental Equipment and Pricing

ASB Agriculture Rental Equipment:

12 Volt ATV Sprayer / Backpack Weed SprayerSlip-In Truck Sprayer / Boomless Pull Type Sprayer Information / Boomless Sprayer Calibration Information / Calibrating a small sprayer

Custom Contractors

Yellowhead County’s Agricultural Services Board has created a list of custom operators who are willing to do work for the agricultural community.

Custom Contractors & Ag Rental Equipment List

If you wish to be on this list, you can contact the Yellowhead County Office at 1-800-665-6030 or download and complete the form and mail it to Yellowhead County 2716 – 1st Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1N9.

Yellowhead County provides the following list for information purposes only. The County does not endorse any business listed. There have been requests for a list of people to perform the following services.