Snow Removal Private Contractors

Residents interested in hiring a private contractor for snow removal for their road access, driveways, or other areas can contact the service providers listed below.*


CompanyContact NameContact DetailsLocation of Operations
JRF Oilfield Services Ltd.Jordan Finner(780) 728-5154All of Yellowhead County
Country Boyz Oilfield Services Ltd.Braden Vankosky / Dalton Vankosky(780) 723-0599 / (780) 728-8223Edson / Hinton / Niton Junction / Wildwood
Bad Appel Services Ltd. Mike Appel (780) 728-7432 Edson / Yellowhead County
Caylor Contracting Ltd.Tyson Callihoo(780) 865-5424 / (780) 865-0459Edson / Hinton
Buttazzoni ContractingPamela Buttazzoni(780) 865-2930 or Text (780) 817-8195Hinton and Area
Tymchuk ExcavatingJim Tymchuk(780) 723-6400Edson / Yellowhead County
Rauhut MaintenanceRonald Rauhut(780) 795-7396 / (780) 712-8098Wildwood , MacKay, Niton Junction, Yellowhead County
Hinton Snow RemovalCharles Gobeil(705) 698-6667 Hinton and Area

Private Contractors who would like to provide snowplowing services to residents in Yellowhead County can fill out an application form and submit it to Yellowhead County so their name can be posted on our website. All contractors must submit their contact information annually. An updated list will be available on our website during each winter season.

*Any private contractors posted on the Yellowhead County website are for informational purposes only and are not necessarily endorsements of a private contractor of business.

Please contact Infrastructure Services Department at (780) 723-4800 or 1-800-665-6030 or email for more information.