Agricultural Services Board

The Agricultural Service Board’s purpose is to develop and monitor programs that are agriculturally related and are a benefit to County residents.

Vision & Mission Statement

The Agricultural Services Board Act provides for the establishment and operation of Agricultural Services Boards throughout the province of Alberta.

It provides a province-wide infrastructure for the delivery of weed control, disease and pest management, as well as soil and water conservation programs and services.

It also provides for financial incentives and technical assistance to enable the administration and enforcement acts and the implementation of agricultural policies at the municipal level.

Agricultural Service Board Mission Statement:

Encourage good stewardship of the environment while promoting agriculture and a safe, healthy rural lifestyle.

Agricultural Service Board Vision Statement:

Yellowhead County shall have a progressive, sustainable and environmentally responsible agricultural industry.

Agricultural Services Business Plan 2019-2021

Yellowhead County’s Agricultural Services Department 2019-2021 Business Plan has four primary goals. These goals include providing effective and sustainable pest and weed control practices. To provide increased awareness to Yellowhead County residents regarding soils and water conservation, sustainable practices while promoting healthy rural living.

Download the 2019-2021 Ag Services Business Plan