There are plenty of spots to fish in a place as big as Yellowhead County, whether you like stocked lakes or rivers and streams. There are creeks in the west and a large choice of lakes and rivers that are located right across the county. No matter what you’re after, you’ll find all kinds of great fishing spots throughout Yellowhead County. 

Below are some spots and links to other websites that will give you an idea of where to go and what you can find there. Please make sure to source out the latest up to date information regarding fishing regulations and spots in our area. 

Once you start getting in there exploring the area and talking to local fishermen you’ll quickly learn there’s a great range of types of fishing within Yellowhead County.

  • Fishing Lakes and Stocked Lakes

    Chip Lake Burbot, Northern Pike
    Gregg Northern Pike, Lake Whitefish
    Jarvis Northern Pike, Lake Whitefish
    Shiningbank Northern Pike, Walleye**, Lake Whitefish, Yellow Perch
    Fickle Northern Pike, Walleye**, Lake Whitefish, Yellow Perch
    Long Northern Pike, Yellow Perch
    Bear Northern Pike
    Wolf Northern Pike
    Minnow Lake Northern Pike
    Obed Yellow Perch, Brown Trout
    Millers Rainbow Trout
    Wildhorse 1 Rainbow Trout
    Fairfax Rainbow Trout
    Petite Rainbow Trout
    Pierre Greys Lakes (2 of 3) Rainbow Trout
    Grande Cache Lake Rainbow Trout
    Pit Lakes (24, 35, 45)* Rainbow Trout
    Silkstone* Rainbow Trout
    Lovett Lake* Rainbow Trout
    Mary Gregg Lake* Rainbow Trout
    Kinky Brook Trout
    Dunn Brook Trout
    Muskiki Brook Trout, Cutthroat Trout
    Thunder Brook Trout
    Victor Brook Trout
    Pierre Greys Lakes (1 of 3) Brook Trout
    Wildhorse Lake II* Brook Trout


    • * walk in access only
    • ** Walleye are Catch and Release Only