Heritage Program

In 2011, the county, recognizing the need to document its highly valued historic resources, set forth to establish a Heritage Management Program, the first step of which is a Heritage Survey.

The survey captured the location, physical appearance and history of the resources and provides an inclusive database of information that identifies the historical buildings, cultural landscapes, archaeological sites and structures in a community. The Heritage Survey serves as an important resource for Yellowhead County as a key reference for the major historic sites in the county, and for providing the county with information on the history and value of local buildings for local historical and genealogical research.

Heritage Grants

There are several heritage grants available for organizations and residents for signage, plaques, programs, and facilities that can be found under Grants & Bursaries.

Municipal Heritage Management Plan

We have created a Municipal Heritage Management Plan to help establish guidelines and policies for a property once it is designated as a Municipal Historic Resources. The Municipal Designation is on a voluntary basis only. We also continue to add to our survey list, POIL and heritage inventory. 

Municipal Heritage Management Plan

A copy of these reports are available upon request.