Strategic Plan

Each year Yellowhead County establishes short term priorities for organizational attention.

Yellowhead County Council participated in a workshop to update strategic priorities and long-term directions for the upcoming year. A Strategic Plan document summarizes the workshop outcomes and serves as an update to the Strategic Priorities Report.

Mission Statement:

Building a better community for present and future generations.

Vision Statement:

Recognized as a place of choice for those who want to be where great things happen.

Our Values:


Each year, Yellowhead County Council works to develop a Strategic Plan that focusses on both corporate priorities for the Council and the CAO and operational priorities for the staff and CAO.

Yellowhead County Council attends a Strategic Planning Workshop to set their priorities for the upcoming year. The workshop provided an opportunity to review existing priorities and to see if any new priorities had developed since the last Strategic Planning session.

The goal of the planning session is for Council and Administration to come away with a clear picture of a long-term vision for the county that balances these goals with the available resources.

Council looks at all the issues and projects that affect Yellowhead County’s residents and businesses by investigating all the challenges around the different topics, identifying desired outcomes, and developing an action plan listing all the resources needed to accomplish the specific projects. The outcome of the session is a fully realized and feasible Strategic Topic List.

The Strategic Priorities List is for Yellowhead County’s elected officials to refer to throughout the year as they make decisions, set policy, and develop strategies that benefit the growth and development of Yellowhead County.

Strategic Planning uses goals and objectives to:

  • Guide the County in creating a long-term vision for the future
  • Define values that guide decision-making
  • Chart a course for dealing with changing conditions and community needs