In the event of any type of emergency, call 911 immediately.

The role of your local government
Your local government is responsible for public safety, situational awareness, and providing resources to combat the emergency. Special privileges and duties may be given to specific people, such as peace officers, fire, medical, and your director of emergency management, so they can do their job effectively.

Residents are encouraged to prepare themselves, their family and their property for any type of potential disaster.

Yellowhead County will make use of the most appropriate methods to communicate warning and informational messages to the public, including:

  • Public Radio
  • Yellowhead County website
  • Social Media
  • Alberta Emergency Alert (AEA) Emergency Public Warning System
  • and other forms of communication to distribute information in the most expedient manner

Included below are a variety of Disaster Information brochures, as well as Emergency Preparedness Guides that will assist you to best be able to deal with most types of emergency events.    

Creating an Escape Plan for your home is a vital part of helping to protect your family. Visit the Canadian Red Cross for tips and resources on creating an Escape Plan. Basic safety tips can make a dramatic impact if and when a fire breaks out.

Alberta Emergency Management Agency

Telephone: (780) 422-9000 / Toll-free: 310-0000

Get the app for your phone! And get all informational and critical Alberta Emergency Alerts.

Emergency Preparedness Guides

Wildfire Evacuation – AEMA – FAQs

Answers to common questions to help you prepare for emergencies and disasters and learn about the various potential hazards and risks.

Alberta Emergency Management Agency

The Government of Alberta’s agency for anything disaster and emergency-related. Tips on how to create plans, make emergency preparedness kits, and more.

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