Green Initiatives and Recycling in Yellowhead County

In partnership with the Edson and District Recycling Society, Yellowhead County is well known for being leaders in waste management practices. From our curbside garbage program to our excellent hamlet mobile recycling program, sani-dump sites, and our regional transfer stations, Yellowhead County remains committed to the environment through sound waste management practices and facilities.

Yellowhead County wants to ensure that we maintain a clean, healthy and sustainable environment for our community.

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Bear Lake; Brule; Cadomin; Entrance; Evansburg; Hattonford; Mackay; Marlboro; Niton; Obed; Overlander; Parkcourt; Peers; Pinedale; Robb; Wildwood

Recycling Drop-off Centres are located beside the Peers Multiplex, Evansburg Arena, Wildwood, and the Niton Junction Community Hall. Recycling can also be dropped off at the Edson & District Recycling Centre or at the various Hinton Recycling locations.

Goods collected at these sites are:

  • Newspaper & Magazines

    • This includes all newspapers, TV guides, comics, flyers, magazines, catalogues, inserts and auto traders. NO: Low grade or office paper.
  • Clear Glass

    • Clear glass jars, containers, windowpane glass, etc. Broken and whole glass is acceptable. Please remove the labels (low-grade paper) and lids (tin or plastic). NO: Auto glass, light bulbs, ceramics or coloured glass.
  • Tin Cans

    • All tin, steel or aluminum cans, labels removed (low-grade paper), rinsed and flattened. Tinfoil is acceptable. NO: Hazardous material containers (ie. paint thinner, varsol, propane, oil, gasoline, fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides or aerosol).
  • Plastic

    • Plastic containers and bottles (rinsed) and plastic bags (all plastic bags including grocery and shopping bags that are not soiled)
  • Cardboard & Box Board

    • Old corrugated cardboard & boxboard. Please flatten all boxes. Staples, tape and a little paper are okay. Please flatten shoe boxes, cereal boxes, detergent boxes and other similar products. NO styrofoam.
  • Office Paper

    • Any colour, bond, photocopy, NCR, fax, telephone message notes, ‘Post It’ notes, loose-leaf papers, file folders, envelopes, utility bills and receipts – paper clips and staples are okay, shredded office paper – preferably bagged.
  • Low-Grade Paper

    • All construction paper, brown paper bags, blueprints, paper egg cartons, carbon paper, sugar, flour and pet food bags.
  • Compost

    (Seasonal May – September) Recycle your yard waste. Bin for grass, leaves and vegetable garden waste. NO bags, containers, kitchen or food waste or large branches/trees.

  • Lead-Acid Batteries & Motor Oil

    We also accept some hazardous recyclables including lead-acid batteries and used motor oil (up to 20 litres per visit) which are accepted during all open hours.

  • Edson and District Recycling Centre

    • The Edson and District Recycling Centre and & Take-It-or-Leave-It is located one block south of Highway 16 on 1 Ave. directly behind the Provincial Building. In addition to basic recycling, you can also drop off batteries, ink cartridges, cell phones, and electronic and toxic waste for proper and safe processing. The take-it-or-leave-it is a great place to drop off or pick up lightly used goods that can have a second life.
  • Hinton

    • There are numerous recycling bins located within Hinton.


  • Recycling at Transfer Stations

    Recycling for most household items is available at various Transfer Stations in Yellowhead County as well as items such as tires, motor oil, lead-acid batteries and more. The full list of items and locations can be found on the  Transfer Stations, Garbage, and Landfill page.