Fence Line Program

Yellowhead County Agricultural Services Board has approved a Fence Line Program to control Noxious and/or Prohibited Noxious weeds and encroaching brush along fence lines on private property adjacent to Yellowhead County roads and right-of-ways.

The Fence Line Program will allow Yellowhead County-owned vehicles and equipment to enter the private land and apply herbicide from the fence line to the County Right of Way. This programs will help Yellowhead

fence line_program

County control weeds and brush without the chances of an overspray onto private land where sensitive crops or trees may be located..

Herbicide will only be applied to County owned land and not onto the private land; exceptions are made for fields used for agricultural purposes where landowners may choose to have the four foot strip from the fence line to their crop sprayed that larger spray equipment or cultivators tends to miss. Sites will be pre-inspected to determine if the property qualifies for the program and what equipment and herbicide will be necessary.

The landowner will be asked to sign a release allowing the County access to the property and permission to use herbicide as agreed upon by the landowner and Yellowhead County Agricultural Services Staff. This program will be completed on a first come first served basis and at no charge to landowners.

Yellowhead County has added the Fence Line Program to enhance services to the residents of Yellowhead County in addition to the existing Roadside Vegetation Management Plan.

If you would like more information on this or any Agricultural Services Programs or to register for the Fence Line Program please contact the Agricultural Services Department in Wildwood at 1 800-814-3935.