Tenders and RFPs

Yellowhead County puts out Request For Proposals (RFP) and Tenders for various projects and services.

The following tenders and RFPs are currently available:


    TENDER 2023-824



    Yellowhead County invites interested contractors to submit proposals for the Culvert Failure Rehabilitation project in Yellowhead County, Alberta, in accordance with the terms of reference.

    A detailed information package will be available on September 13, 2023, on the Alberta Purchasing Connection website (http://www.purchasingconnection.ca).

    Proposal submissions must be received no later than 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 27, 2023. Proposals must be sealed in an envelope, clearly marked, and addressed as follows:

    Yellowhead County

    2716 – 1st Avenue

    Edson  AB   T7E 1N9




    This is a “Tender”, and potential contractors are advised that Yellowhead County reserves the right to:

    1. Accept a proposal without negotiation.
    2. Reject a proposal without negotiation.
    3. Reject a proposal from a bidder that has had a previous contract terminated by the County.
    4. Negotiate changes in the financial or operational content of the successful proposal.

    Consultants are advised that the fee for services, company name, and final rating will be made public when being presented to Council.

    For further information regarding this request, please contact Amir Syed, Manager of Engineering Services, Infrastructure Services Department at (780) 723-4800.

  • Niton Fire Station Demolition & Construction Invitation to Bid

    Invitation to Bid Descriptive:

    Eventual demolition of existing Fire Station building on site, retention, and relocation of an existing water supply tank and pumphouse shed, and retention, removal and re-use of various components of the existing Fire Station building.  Site preparation Construction of a new Fire Station building with Offices and Administration spaces, Meeting Room, Storage Room, washrooms, and Apparatus Bays.  Mechanical and electrical building infrastructure.  It also includes exterior civil work, site work, gravel parking lots, asphalt connections to existing municipal road infrastructure, as well a hard and soft landscaping.  All as described in the Contract Documents.


    Municipal Address: 5412 – 50 Street, Niton Junction, Alberta, T7E 5A1



    Construction of other buildings.

    Demolition work.


    Closing: Tuesday, August 29, 2023 (2 p.m.)


    Direct all inquiries during the Bid Period by email to:

    BR2 Architecture

    Att: Kevin Osborne, C.E.T., Senior Architectural Technologist


    Bids are to be submitted by email to (prior to closing):

    BR2 Architecture

    Att: Kevin Osborne, C.E.T., Senior Architectural Technologist


  • Commercial Facility Maintenance Services Contractors

    Interested contractors are invited to register with us.

    Completed forms can be dropped off at the County offices or emailed to whebert@yhcounty.ca

    Yellowhead County is looking for local contractors who would like to provide Commercial Facility Maintenance Services for:
    General Contractors

    Interested contractors can contact Wendy Hebert with Yellowhead County Infrastructure Services at whebert@yhcounty.ca or 1-800-665-6030 to apply or for more information.

  • Parks Maintenance Services Contractors

    Yellowhead County Parks is looking for
    local contractors who would like to provide:

    • CPSI Playground Inspections
    • Level 1 Dangerous Tree Assessments
    • Multi-Use Asphalt Pump Track Construction

    Interested contractors can contact Kevin Myles with Yellowhead County Parks & Recreation Services to apply or for more information.
    Email: kmyles@yhcounty.ca   Phone: (780) 723-8639

County tenders are also posted at:

Alberta Purchasing Connection