Current Projects & Permits

At any given time, there are a variety of development projects and developments taking place in Yellowhead County. They range from small residential property developments to larger-scale industry projects and new developments, as well as municipal Area Structure Plans and Land Use Bylaw updates.

Current Projects

  • Land Use Bylaw Rewrite

    Project Start: February 2020

    Project Completion: Spring 2021

    Yellowhead County is updating its Land Use Bylaw to create more business and resident-friendly regulations for construction and land development in the county.

    For more information and to tell us what you think, visit the project website.

  • Brule Area Structure Plan

    Project Start: June 2020

    Project Completion: Winter 2021

    The current Area Structure Plan was adopted in the year 2000. Changing demographics and a new subdivision require a renewed Plan which sets a direction for future development in Brule.

Approved Development Permits

Permit Development_LocationProposalNotice
D21-114NW 2-47-18-W5M
Edson Area
Natural Resource Extraction & Processing Operation (Gravel) – Discretionary Jul
D21-116Plan 0524926
Blk 2, Lot 1
NW 24-53-09-W5
Wildwood Area
Agriculture (Intensive) – Greenhouse Addition (Discretionary)Jul 13/21
D21-117NE 05-54-17-W5
Edson Area
Recreational Cabin with Covered DeckJul 20/21
D21-119Plan 0227698,
Blk 1, Lot 1A
NE 05-53-19-W5
Millers Lake Area
Accessory Building (Garage)Jul 21/21
D21-120Plan 0622250,
Blk 2, Lot 1
SE 27-53-09-W5
Accessory Building (Storage Building)Jul 22/21
D21-122Plan 1021232,
Blk 1, Lot 1
SE 19-53-16-W5
Edson Area
Single Detached Dwelling with Covered Veranda and Attached Garage & Accessory Building (Cold Storage/Barn)Jul 28/21
D21-121Plan 0326135,
BLk 4, Lot 2A
NE 15-49-21-W5
(Discretionary Use) – Home Occupation (Major) – Accommodation & Recreation ServicesJul 29/21
D21-124Plan 7622234,
Blk 2, Lot 7
NE 36-53-09-W5
Lobstick Resort
Existing Single Detached Dwelling with Covered Deck (Variance for Front & Side Yard Setbacks) & Existing Accessory Building (Garage) with Lean ToJul 30/21
D21-125Plan 1922295,
Blk 2, Lot 4
NE 19-53-18-W5
Branch Corner Area
Manufactured Home with Addition – Variance for AgeJul 30/21
D21-126Plan 0222668,
Blk 1, Lot 1
SE 19-53-09-W5
Chip Lake Area
Existing Single Detached Dwelling with Addition/Covered Deck, Attached Carport & Existing Accessory Building (Shelter) – Variance for Side Yard SetbackJul 30/21
D21-127Plan 0020610,
Blk 1, Lot 1
NW 27-53-18-W5
Single Detached Dwelling with Covered Entry, Covered Patio & Attached GarageJul 30/21
D21-130Plan 1320417,
Blk 1, Lot 6
SW 36-53-17-W5
Edson North Estates
Existing Accessory Building (Shed)Jul 30/21

The public is considered officially notified of approved development permits once posted online, in accordance with the Public Notification Bylaw.

The land-use bylaw provides that any person claiming to be affected by an approved development permit may appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board by filing a written notice of appeal, with the Secretary of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board for Yellowhead County accompanied with payment of $300.00 within Twenty One (21) days after notice of the approval is given. 

Public Hearings

There are no scheduled Public Hearings at this time.

Contact the Yellowhead County Planning Department at 1-800-665-6030