Current Projects & Permits

Current Projects

  • Land Use Bylaw Rewrite

    Project Start: February 2020

    Project Completion: Spring 2021

    Yellowhead County is updating its Land Use Bylaw to create more business and resident-friendly regulations for construction and land development in the county.

    For more information and to tell us what you think, visit the project website.

  • Brule Area Structure Plan

    Project Start: June 2020

    Project Completion: Winter 2020

    The current Area Structure Plan was adopted in the year 2000. Changing demographics and a new subdivision require a renewed Plan which sets a direction for future development in Brule.

  • Robb Area Structure Plan

    DRAFT Robb Area Structure Plan:

    View at

    Project Start: September 2019

    Project Completion: Summer 2020

    A new Robb Area Structure Plan addresses the future needs of Robb’s residents and businesses. The ASP provides a framework for future development and support the goals and objectives identified in the Municipal Development Plan.

Approved Development Permits

Permit Development_LocationProposalNotice
D20-116Plan 0726110,
Blk 1, Lot 4
NE 07-55-14-W5
Peers Area
Accessory Building – Detached GarageJul 13/20
D20-118Plan 1221569,
Blk 2, Lot 2
SE 13-55-15-W5
Bear Lake Area
Recreational Cabin with Loft & VerandaJul 13/20
D20-111Plan 0825368,
Blk 2, Lot 3
SE 25-53-16-W5
Pinedale Area
Manufactured Home – Additional – DiscretionaryJul 14/20
D20-119Plan 9621026,
Blk 1, Lot 2
NE 30-53-17-W5
Edson Area
Accessory Building (Shop)Jul 14/20
D20-120NE 34-53-16-W5
Wolf Creek Area
Single Detached Dwelling with VerandaJul 14/20
D20-122Plan 2904MC,
Lot 13
NW 10-55-15-W5
Bear Lake
Accessory Building – Detached GarageJul 15/20
D20-125Plan 0821255,
Blk 1, Lot 42
NE 18-53-16-W5
River Ridge
Accessory Building – Garden ShedJul 20/20
D20-121Plan 9921805,
Blk 1, Lot 2
SE 13-53-18-W5
Edson Area
General Industrial (Mechanic in Existing Shop) – Discretionary UseJul 21/20
D20-127SE 13-53-14-W5
Carrot Creek Area
Home Business – Minor – Automobile Storage and Part Recycling / Storage – 2 Storage Containers – Discretionary – 5 Year TermJul 22/20
D20-124Plan 1821067,
Blk 1, Lot 4
SE 33-53-17-W5
Edson Area
Existing Accessory Building (Shop)Jul 23/20
D20-128NW 05-53-22-W5
Obed Area
Accessory Building (Garage / Storage Building)Jul 23/20
D20-112Plan 0320143,
Blk 2, Lot 4
SW 04-53-18-W5
Hwy 47
Work Camp (Renewal of Existing) – Discretionary UseJul 27/20
D20-126Plan 1023019,
Blk 2, Lot 4
NE 13-53-15-W5
Wolf Creek Area
Work Camp (Renewal of Existing ) – Discretionary UseJul 27/20
D20-129Plan 7921035,
Blk 11, Lot 9
NE 05-47-23-W5
Accessory Building (Shed)Jul 27/20
D20-130Plan 9622849,
Blk 3, Lot 3
NW 12-52-24-W5
Obed Area
Home Occupation (Major) – Vehicle Inspection and Repair (Renewal) – DiscretionaryJul 27/20
D20-132SE 07-54-07-W5Addition to Existing Single Detached Dwelling – VerandaJul 27/20
D20-133Plan 0621121,
Blk 1, Lot 9
SW 21-53-15-W5
Pinedale Area
Accessory Building – Detached GarageJul 27/20
D19-092NW 19-53-12-W5Single Detached Dwelling – Additional – 2 Storey – Change of Use from Existing Recreational Cabin – Variance for Setback from Carrot Creek – Discretionary Use. Existing Addition to Existing Single Detached Dwelling and Accessory Building – Honey Processing – Non-Commercial – Change of Use from Existing Manufactured Home – AdditionalJul 30/20
D20-115Plan 5251TR,
Blk 2, Lot 11
SW 13-52-14-W5
Home Occupation – Major (Meat Cutting) – DiscretionaryJul 31/20
D20-134SW 06-53-19-W5
Marlboro Area
Home Occupation (Major) – Off-site Electrical ContractingJul 31/20

The public is considered officially notified of approved development permits once posted online, in accordance with the Public Notification Bylaw.

The land-use bylaw provides that any person claiming to be affected by a decision of the Development Authority may appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board by filing a written notice of appeal, containing reasons, with the Secretary of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board for Yellowhead County accompanied with payment of $300.00 within Twenty One (21) days after notice of the approval is given. 

Public Hearings

There are currently no scheduled Public Hearings.
Please check back for any upcoming Public Hearings.

Contact the Yellowhead County Planning Department at 1-800-665-6030