Development Permits & Public Hearings

Approved Development Permits have been issued for the following:

Permit NumberLocationProposalNotice of Approval
D19-210Plan 482CH,Blk 2, Lot 7NE 19-53-07-W5EvansburgHome Occupation (Minor) – Dog GroomingJan 2/20
D19-209SE-08-53-16-W5Edson AreaExisting Accessory Building – Pole ShedJan 3/20
D20-001SE 09-55-14-W5
Peers Area
Existing Single Detached Dwelling (Additional) with 2nd Storey Loft – Discretionary, & Existing Accessory Buildings – Wash House & Storage Shed, & Storage Container – DiscretionaryJan 7/20
D20-002SE 05-53-19-W5
Millers Lake Area
Single Detached Dwelling with Covered Deck & Attached Garage & Accessory Building (Storage Shed)Jan 9/20
D20-005Plan 1923596, Blk 1, Lot 1
NE 09-54-07-W5
Evansburg Area
Single Detached Dwelling – Modular – with Veranda Jan 16/20

Public Hearings have been issued authorizing the following:

The land-use bylaw provides that any person claiming to be affected by a decision of the Development Authority may appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board by filing a written notice of appeal, containing reasons, with the Secretary of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board for Yellowhead County accompanied with payment of $300.00 within Twenty One (21) days after notice of the approval is given. Any other questions or concerns please contact Yellowhead County Planning Service.