Development Permits & Public Hearings

At any given time, there are a variety of development projects and developments taking place in Yellowhead County. They range from small residential property developments to larger-scale industry projects and new developments, as well as municipal Area Structure Plans and Land Use Bylaw updates.

Public Hearings:

None at this time

Subdivision and Development Board Hearings:

None at this time

Municipal Planning Commission Meetings:

None at this time

Approved Development Permits

Permit Number Location of Proposed DevelopmentProposed DevelopmentNotice of DecisionAppeal Deadline
Chip Lake Area
Addition to Manufactured Home
(Covered Deck)
Apr 29/24Permitted Use
D24-047Plan 0728604
Blk 1, Lot 1
Evansburg Area
Single Detached Dwelling with
Attached Garage
Apr 29/24Permitted Use
D24-052Plan 0740649
Blk 1, Lot 5
Pinedale Area
Accessory Building (Shop)
& Home Business Small
Apr 30/24Permitted Use
D24-062Plan 1123207
Blk 1, Lot 3
Jasper Hinton Airport
Addition to Existing Hanger
– Secondary Suite – Variance for
Front Yard Setback
May 7/24May 28/24
D24-063Plan 9123719, Lot 1
North of Edson
Accessory Building (Shop) with
May 8/24Permitted Use
Carrot Creek Tower Road
Single Detached Dwelling &
Existing Cabin with Covered Deck
May 8/24Permitted Use
Bear Lake Area
Addition to Existing Garage (Car Port),
Addition to Existing Manufactured
Home (Living/Family Room) &
Existing Accessory Building (Pole Shed)
May 9/24Permitted Use
Shiningbank Area
Accessory Building (Garage)May 9/24Permitted Use
South of Wildwood
Addition to Existing Single
Detached Dwelling (Covered Deck)
May 9/24Permitted Use
South of Evansburg
Single Detached DwellingMay 13/24Permitted Use
D24-066Plan 7921035
Blk 2, Lot 6
Single Detached Dwelling with
Covered Deck & Accessory
Building (Garage)
May 13/24Permitted Use
D24-072Plan 7433AN
Blk 4, Lot 21-22
Single Detached Dwelling May 13/24Permitted Use
D24-074Plan 0626675
Blk 1, Lot 1
Edson Area
Accessory Building (Pole Shed)May 17/24Permitted Use
Rock Lake Area
Recreation Resort – Discretionary
(Two Glamping Dome Sites)
May 17/24Jun 7/24
D24-075Plan 1939RS
Blk 2, Lot 7
Home Business Small
(Reiki Business)
May 17/24Permitted Use

The public is considered officially notified of approved development permits once posted online, in accordance with the Public Notification Bylaw.

The Yellowhead County Land Use Bylaw No 09.21 provides that any person claiming to be affected by a decision of the Development Authority may appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board or Alberta’s Land and Property Rights Tribunal dependent on jurisdiction of the Appeal authority. Appeal under the jurisdiction of Yellowhead County’s Subdivision and Development Appeal Board require a written notice of the appeal and a payment of $300.00 payable to Yellowhead County within 21 days of the publishing of the Notice of Decision. Requirements for appealing the development to the Alberta’s land and Property Rights Tribunal can be found here: or by calling 780-427-2444

Contact the Yellowhead County Planning Department at 1-800-665-6030