Roadside Vegetation Control

No Spray Program

Yellowhead County Agriculture Services requires landowners who do not want herbicides applied adjacent to their property to either sign up with a new No-Spray agreement or renew their agreement annually prior to April 1st of each year.

If you have chosen not to renew an agreement for this year, we ask that you please remove your signs prior to the start of the spray season starting May 1st.

Yellowhead County requires each landowner/occupant who has signed the agreement to fulfill their obligations before the July 1st deadline. After the July 1st deadline, Yellowhead County re-assumes responsibility for weed and brush control and may apply herbicide adjacent to non-compliant roadsides if necessary.

Residents who have any concerns or questions with respect to the spraying of roadsides in their area or No Spray Agreements are urged to contact Yellowhead County Agricultural Services at 1-800-814-3935 or (780) 325-3782.

Find the No Spray Agreement here.

Roadside Vegetation Control

Yellowhead County’s Agricultural Service Department is committed to cleaning up the various species of weeds and encroaching brush on their municipal road right-a-ways and lands. 

Over the past three years, the Yellowhead County Roadside Vegetation Control team has adopted a two-year rotation throughout the County. We’ve treated in excess of 1000 kilometres of roadsides per season with our two F550 spray trucks and three Kubota UTVs. 

Each year the team starts in a new area, working east to west or west to east, to target the invasive species and encroaching brush at a different time of each year to maximize the program’s efficiency.

If you see our team out there working, please feel free to ask questions about our program – herbicide application, rental equipment and weed identification, we can point you in the right direction!