Transfer Station Access Cards

Notice: The initial rollout of the Transfer Station Access Cards program in Yellowhead County has been temporarily delayed.
Residents will be mailed an information package when our Transfer Stations are ready to begin the transition.
We do not currently have an estimate on the date the transition will begin, but please follow along on social media or our website ( for updates.

Yellowhead County’s Transfer Stations will begin the transition to operating under a Card Access system as of January 1, 2023. The cards will be mailed to residents after January 1st, and the program will begin once residents receive their cards and the transfer stations are set up with the new system in early February.

Once the system is in place, County residents will need to present their Transfer Station Access Card along with a valid, government-issued piece of photo ID to the site operator before dumping. These cards will also be required for use of the Edson Landfill and the West Yellowhead Regional Landfill in Hinton.

Note: An information package and the two Transfer Station Access Cards will be sent out starting January 1, 2023 and Transfer Station sites will begin switching over to the new system. Once the new system is fully operational, there will be a one-month transition period to ensure appropriate notice is provided to all Transfer Station users.

Why is the County making this change?

Yellowhead County Council has recognized the need to provide controlled access to ensure that only County residents use the County transfer stations. This system will eliminate unlimited and unauthorized dumping of waste from non-residents, which will reduce costs and save tax dollars. The system still allows Yellowhead County residents to access waste disposal and recycling services at no charge.

Where will I need to use these cards?

Transfer Stations that are owned and operated by Yellowhead County are located in Wildwood, Niton, Peers, Parkcourt, Pinedale, Marlboro, Obed, Entrance, Brule, Overlander, Hattonford, Bear Lake, Robb, Cadomin, and Mackay.

Access Cards will be mandatory for usage of all of these transfer station sites. Access Cards will be assigned to a residence and are intended to provide solid waste disposal and recycling for that particular residence. All residential improved properties are required to participate in the program. Access Cards will also be accepted at the Regional landfill site in Hinton and the Landfill in Edson.

More details (such as hours of operation and items accepted) can be found HERE.

How do I get an Access Card?

An information package will be sent to all registered property owners in the County’s tax base when our Transfer Stations are ready to make the transition. The package will include two Access Cards and more information on this initiative.

Once the system is in place, there will be a one-month grace period to ensure appropriate notice is provided to all Transfer Station users. During this period, unauthorized users will be advised about the new program and be allowed to use the facility one last time.

Is there any cost to get an Access Card?

Each residence on a property is eligible for an Access Card at no additional cost. A maximum of two cards per residence is allowed and they are non-transferrable.

In the event that a card is lost/stolen, you must inform Yellowhead County as soon as possible. All lost/stolen cards will be deactivated. In this case, residents must complete a new application form and pay a $50 card replacement fee.