About Us

Yellowhead County Fire Department serves the residents, businesses, and visitors of both Yellowhead County and parts of Parkland County with mutual aid agreements with the Town of Hinton and the Town of Edson.

Our fire rescue services are provided 24/7 by a composite fire services model made up of full-time, casual, and paid on call volunteer members.

How You Can Make an Impact

Joining with YCFD is a great way to support the local community or even prepare for a paid career in the fire and rescue service. We are looking for people from a wide age range and backgrounds. If you ever thought about becoming a firefighter or just helping in the community, now is your chance to make it happen.

  • Mission, Vision, & Core Values


    We are committed to the protection of the residents, visitors, and businesses of Yellowhead County, their property, and the environment; through Education, Fire Prevention, Code Enforcement, and the Response of Highly Trained Emergency Personnel.


    It is our vision to to be known as an innovative and progressive fire department. We strive to be the premier rural fire department in superior tanker shuttle and fire suppression and to provide professional rescue services, and quality fire/safety education to the public.

    Core Values…

    Professionalism: To serve and protect the residents of Yellowhead County with the highest level of competence and skill.

    Compassion: Tow show kindness and empathy to those whom we serve and understanding their needs in time of crisis.

    Integrity/Respect: To do what is right, treat everyone equally and fairly, and keep a positive attitude.

    Safety: To keep firefighters out of harm’s way with education and training.

  • Mission Goals

    1. 24/7 Emergency Response
    We aim to provide the best coverage both day and night through fulltime, casual, and paid on-call volunteer firefighters. Our composite response model includes two fire stations that are each staffed with four crew members from 7:00am – 7:00pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Coverage for after hours, as well as upstaffing during incidents, comes from our membership of dedicated paid on call volunteers.
    2. Comprehensive Response Services
    We aim to provide Yellowhead County with the highest quality Emergency Response Services including Fire Response, Vehicle Extrication, Shore-Based Water Rescue, Embankment Rescue, Medical First Responder, and Wildland Urban Interface Firefighting.
    3. Superior Tanker Shuttle Service
    We aim to become accredited with the Fire Insurance Underwriters of Canada for their Superior Tanker Shuttle Service. Property owners in communities with accredited Superior Tanker Shuttle Service are eligible for improved property insurance rates similar to those in communities with municipal-type water supply systems.
    4. Skilled First Responders
    We aim to provide the most up to date, advanced training and equipment to our First Responders. This allows them to do their job in the most efficient and safe manner possible. We strive for competence, compassion, respect, and integrity in the service field.
    5. Provide Service Excellence
    We aim to provide the residents, visitors, and businesses of Yellowhead County Service Excellence by conducting Fire Code Enforcement, Site Preplans, and Participating in Fire Prevention in Schools.

  • Organization Structure

    General Manager (GM) of Protective Services
    Fire Chief, Director of Emergency Management (DEM)
    Yellowhead County
    Albert Bahri

    First Deputy Chief
    Second Deputy Chief
    Third Deputy Chief

    Captain of Logistics
    Captain of Training

    East Side Lieutenant
    West Side Lieutenant

  • Fire Stations

    Station 1 – Brule
    Address 5009 Mountain Road
    Station 4 – Robb
    Address 4902 Center Avenue
    Station 7 – Peers
    Address 5102 50 Avenue
    Station 8 – Niton
    Address 5412 50 Street
    Station 9 – Wildwood
    Address 5008 50A Avenue
    Station 10 – Evansburg
    Address 4907 50 Street
    Station 12 – Central (Edson)
    Address 2716 1 Avenue