Animal Control Bylaw

The Yellowhead County Animal Control Bylaw is enforced by the Yellowhead County Peace Officers and can be viewed here. The Animal Control Bylaw lists specific regulations for owners in caring for their pets.

Recent Changes to Cat & Dog Drop-Off for the Edson Pound
(March 15, 2024)

The Edson Pound is no longer accepting drop-offs of dogs or cats found in Yellowhead County by members of the public.

County Peace Officers will still be taking impounded dogs to the Edson Pound. County residents who capture dogs are encouraged to call county dispatchers at 780-723-3221. The next available Peace Officer will arrange with the resident for pick-up of the dog. *Please note, Peace Officers may not be present 7 days a week and the resident should be prepared to keep the dog safe until pick-up can be arranged.

If a resident captures a cat, it will be up to the resident to release the cat, find alternative housing, or contact a local animal rescue society.

Animal and Dog ownership in Yellowhead County

County residents must keep their pets confined to their property or leashed at all times. No owner is allowed to let their pets roam free or become a nuisance to other landowners and passersby.

Dog owners are required to prevent their dogs from:

  • Running at large
  • Howling excessively or disturbing the peace of others
  • Causing damage to public or private property
  • Biting, attacking, threatening, harassing, chasing, killing or injuring any person or other animals
  • Biting or chasing any vehicle

Yellowhead County residents are also responsible for any other domestic animal or livestock in their ownership.

Community Peace Officers patrolling the county continue to enforce the animal bylaw and all other Yellowhead County bylaws. Dogs may be impounded for infractions and owners may face impound fees and or fines in that circumstance.

Dogs picked up by Yellowhead County Enforcement Services are brought to the Edson Pound. For more information please visit their website:

Town of Edson Pound

The Edson Pound is located at the Public Works building at 3240 – 1st Avenue (first left East of the overpass). Please contact the Edson Pound for hours of operation.
Phone: (780) 723-6461

Yellowhead County strongly urges its residents to properly care for their animals and ensure that they are not a threat to any surrounding neighbours.

If you have any questions regarding the Yellowhead County Animal Bylaw, please contact 780-723-3221.