Home Business Uses Development Permit Application

Download the application here:

A development permit is required for any home-based business in Yellowhead County. This can include minor home occupations such as a home accountant, major home occupations like car repairs, or up to larger home businesses with commercial vehicles and non-resident employees. This application form lays out the details of any planned development. Yellowhead County Development Officers ensure that the application complies with the rules for development. These rules are set in the Land Use Bylaw.

Complete Development Permit Application Checklist

  • Application Form & Fee
  • Site Plan
  • Business Information
  • Abandoned Well Form

If Required by the Development Authority:

  • Roadside Development Permit
  • Any technical reports, studies or prior approvals
  • Any additional plans, agreements or information

*Please make sure to download and save the PDF form to your desktop. Applicants will need to print out and sign the completed form prior to submitting it to Yellowhead County’s Planning & Development department.