Snow & Winter Safety

Experience, knowledge of the area, and urgency are no excuse for not driving to winter conditions on Alberta roads and highways. 

At the first sign of road conditions that may affect normal driving, drivers are reminded to slow down and drive cautiously. When there is an accident and first-responders and other emergency crews are on scene, it is even more critical that drivers drastically reduce speed if needed and follow the directions of first-responders and road crews.

All incidents are affected by external factors as well as the speed of the vehicle and skill of the driver. Not driving according to changing road conditions can lead to vehicle and property damage, and injury or fatality to first-responders and all others on the road.

Stay Safe on the Roads This Winter

Yellowhead County would like to remind everyone to stay safe this winter. Drive to the conditions of the road and slow down when it is icy or snowing. Please be courteous and cautious around snowplows and only pass when it is safe to do so. 

A reminder that all vehicles must slow down to a minimum of 60 km/hr when passing emergency vehicles if their lights are flashing.

Yellowhead County is committed to maintaining safe roadways and building a better community for present and future generations. 

Road & Highway Conditions

Updated Highway Road Reports can be found on the Alberta Motor Association website.