FireSmart Your Home Today!

FireSmart Canada

Preparing for the threat of wildfire is a shared responsibility. From homeowners to industry and government, we all have a responsibility to lessen the effects of wildfire. Creating a non-combustible perimeter can protect your home.

These 5 easy steps will help to protect your home from wildfires.

  • Remove mulch.
  • Removing deadfall and pine needles also reduces available fuel.
  • Move firewood 10-30 metres away from your home.
  • Place propane tanks 10 metres away from your house.
  • Keep grass cut to less than 10 centimetres.

Find dozens of more tips and resources to help reduce the risks of wildfires for your home and property.

Visit the FireSmart Canada website at for more information and to view their FireSmart Guides as well as their Home Assessment Checklist.