January 31, 2023

Rental Equipment Program Survey

Yellowhead County’s Agricultural Services Department is doing a survey to understand how we can more effectively serve residents and improve our rental equipment program.

If you’re a resident who may be interested in renting equipment, or a business that may be interested in being a rental agent, then we want to hear from you!

The survey is very short and does not ask for any names or contact information. The goal is purely to gather your feedback on how we can improve the rental program!

The deadline to take this survey is February 24, 2023.


Other information:

Agricultural Services’ current rental equipment program is based out of the Wildwood County office and only has weed spraying equipment available for rent. The rental fees range from $5-20 a day depending on the piece of equipment.

The Agricultural Services Rental Equipment Program coordinates the rental of various types of weed spraying equipment at this time with the potential to expand to different types of equipment. A business that signs up to become an Equipment Rental Agents would house and occasionally perform basic maintenance and small fixes on the equipment, as well as coordinate all the bookings and payments for the rentals. Yellowhead County covers the insurance for the rental equipment and compensation is paid to the rental agent.