2023/2024 Outdoor Rinks Status Updates

January 19, 2024 Yellowhead County Outdoor Rinks Update:

Niton, Peers, Marlboro, Brule and Wildwood are all open! New skating area on Bear Lake.

Wildwood Outdoor Rink – Open

Niton Outdoor Rink– Open

Peers Outdoor Rink– Open

Marlboro Outdoor Rink– Open

Robb Outdoor Rink– Open

Brule Outdoor Rink- As of January 22, the Brule Rink is open too!

Bear Lake Skating Loop – Due to the late start, lack of snow, and extreme cold snap, the loop may not happen this year. Staff have been clearing an area on the lake for skating.

These goals are affected by current and forecasted weather conditions.

Did you know?

  • many of the outdoor rinks in Yellowhead County do not have dedicated volunteers and rely on limited parks staff
  • the flooding process can take up to two weeks requiring consistent minus temperatures
  • we have liability and best practice standards to meet such as achieving 3” of consistent ice throughout the entire ice surface before the public can safely use the rinks

Who maintains County rinks?:
Brule ODR -maintained by the Brule Community Society,
Robb ODR -will be maintained by YHC this year,
Marlboro ODR -maintained by YHC,
Niton ODR -maintained by Green Grove Rec Board,
Peers ODR -maintained by YHC,
Wildwood ODR -maintained by Contractor,
Bear Lake Skate Loop -maintained by YHC

Keep an eye on Yellowhead County’s Parks and Recreation Facebook page for more information on when the rinks and loop will be available!