Council Highlights November 14, 2023

Public Hearing Bylaw 6.23 – A Public Hearing was held for proposed Bylaw 6.23 to dispose of a Municipal Reserve on a portion of Plan 8122322 Block 5 Lot 7MR. There were no concerns or comments from members of the public during the hearing. The proposed bylaw will be brought back to an upcoming council meeting for the second and third readings.

Cemetery Bylaw – Council gave the third and final reading of Cemetery Bylaw 04.23. The bylaw outlines the regulations, fees and guidelines for the use, improvement, maintenance, management, and restrictions for the Evansburg Cemetery.

Ravine Community Hall – Council approved a request for funding from the Ravine Community Association in the amount of $27,000 for the upgrade of kitchen facilities to bring them to CSA standards so they can resume commercial use. The Ravine Community Association is contributing $21,000 along with donated labour and materials to match the Community Hall Capital Assistance Grant.

Provincial Ag Tax Recovery – A letter from Council will be sent to the Ministry of Agricultural and Irrigation requesting that Yellowhead County be included in the provincial 2023 Drought Livestock Assistance and the AgriRecovery Tax Deferral programs. This year’s extreme weather significantly impacted local farmers and cattle producers; however, the data for Yellowhead County was not included in the provincial assessment, resulting in local farmers and producers being left out of the program.

Recreation Board – Council appointed Stephen Parker to the Yellowhead County Recreation Board for the term ending October 31, 2026. This board provides advice to Council and administration on policy development, strategic planning, development and maintenance of recreation facilities and services, and grant funding to community groups that provide recreation and arts services to residents.