November 14, 2023

Steam Blowing Notice – Cascade Power Project

A Message from BPC Project Management (the Cascade Power Project):

To All of Our Neighbours on Highway 47 near the Cascade Power Project:

Please be advised that as part of the final testing and start-up of the new Cascade Power Project, there will be two periods consisting of several days of loud sounds coming from the site as steam blows are conducted. Steam blows are used to clean all of the boiler internals and steam piping before permanent full time operation of the plant. The steam is blown into the air through a silencer but is still unavoidably quite loud.

This will be done in two batches as there are two independent power generation trains within the plant and are 30 days apart from starting up.

We will not be blowing late at night so as too not disturb our neighbours and those travelling public passing by on Highway 47.

Thank you for your patience as we complete the startup of this exciting addition to the community. If you have any questions please call Steve Haggett, HSE Manager 780-919-4451.

View the letter as a PDF here.