January 14, 2021

Council Highlights January 12, 2021

Inoperative, Obsolete, and Expired Bylaws – Council passed Bylaw 1.21 which repeals inoperative, obsolete, and expired bylaws. For a list of these bylaws, please see the meeting agenda.

Evansburg Water and Sewer Local Improvement Fee – Council passed Bylaw 2.21 to impose the Local Improvement Levy for the 2021 taxation year. A local improvement fee can be imposed to fund a service or improvement applied to a particular area only. Yellowhead County has replaced the water and sewer infrastructure in a specific area of Evansburg at a cost of $460,195.20. The county has covered half of the cost, and benefitting residents will have the option to either cover their portion of the cost entirely, or add it to their tax bill in equal installments over 25 years.

Nomination Bylaw – Council passed Bylaw 3.21, rescinding Bylaw 10.16, to allow the use of credit and debit cards for the payment of any required nomination deposits only for the 2021 general election.

Agricultural Services Appeal Committee – Council appointed Robert Mitchell as Chair and Shelley Hay and Ryan Glylander as members at large to the Yellowhead County Agricultural Services Appeal Committee for 2021.

Canadian Heritage River System Nomination – Smoky Lake County is seeking municipal letters of support for designating the North Saskatchewan River under the Canadian Heritage Rivers System. This commemorative program is non-statutory; it does not add any further restrictions for development or use, but serves to celebrate and promote the natural, cultural, and recreational values of the river. Council approved sending a letter of support, which can be found here.

Erosion/Culvert Repairs – At the October 27, 2020 council meeting, council approved funding for emergent erosion/culvert repairs at Site #5 (BF 81477) in the estimated amount of $700,000. The project has since gone to tender and 5 tenders were received. Council awarded the tender for the replacement of BF 81477 to Prairie Erectors International Inc. in the amount of $812,783.00 (lowest bid).

Evansburg Land Purchase Offer – Council has been approached by individuals seeking to purchase land in Evansburg. A municipality is restricted in how they may sell land at less than market value and the offer is below both the listed price and the assessed value. Council has directed administration to advise the interested party that the land price remains at the listed value of $30,000.

Tax Recovery Auction Lot Sold – The county has received an offer from an individual to purchase a lot in Peers that was acquired by the county through the 2019 Tax Recovery Auction process. The vacant Peers lot is located at 4905 51st Street and is zoned Hamlet Residential. Council has agreed to sell the parcel of land for the reserved bid price of $30,000 to the individual, pending all conditions of the sale are met.

The next regular Council Meeting is on January 26 and February 9 at 9:30 AM.

The next scheduled Governance and Priorities meeting will be held on January 19.