January 27, 2021

Council Highlights January 26, 2021

Universal Broadband Fund Partnership – Council approved a partnership with Nova/Rock, 3CIS, and Morad Communications with the intention to apply for a federal grant program known as the Universal Broadband Fund. A municipality must enter into a partnership with dedicated broadband service providers before applying for this grant. The grant will allow Yellowhead County to work with our partners to expand broadband and cellular services throughout the region—particularly in areas with lackluster service/internet.

Robb Tower Build Site – Yellowhead County has embarked on a project to improve broadband and cellular coverage throughout the region. To date, 10 towers have been built throughout the county. The next tower, designate YH-19, will be built in Robb. Council was presented with 13 site choices for the new build and approved site six for the tower build (just east of Robb). For full location details, please view the latest council meeting agenda here.

Electronic Signature Policy No. 1200.20 – The demand for digital document verification through signatures has increased in recent history. County administration proposes streamlining the document authentication process by allowing electronic signing. Notably, electronic signatures cannot be used in documents pertaining to estates, land titles/transfers, affidavits, loan documents, guarantees or negotiable securities and corporate registry items. Council adopted Policy No. 1200.20, Acceptance and Use of Electronic Signatures.

Property Tax Auction Results – On January 18, 2021 administration held the 2020 Property Tax Auction. Five properties were listed for sale, with two persons attending the auction. A bid of $110,000 (plus GST) was offered for one of the properties and met the advertised reserve bid price. Council approved the final sale of said property. Council also approved the transfer of the four unsold property titles under Yellowhead County’s name, to be marked as Tax Forfeiture.

The next regular Council Meetings are on February 9 and 26 at 9:30 AM.

The next scheduled Governance and Priorities meeting will be held on February 16.