Yellowhead County Fire Department: Work Experience Program

Note: The WEP is not currently taking applications.

The Yellowhead County Fire Department Firefighter Work Experience Program (WEP) has been designed to give recent (within the last 24 months) graduates from an accredited fire school the opportunity to gain firefighting experience that will help move them toward a career firefighting position.

Each WEP firefighter will spend a year with YCFD at Station 10 in Evansburg, Alberta, living in our newly constructed hall and working as a casual firefighter. Yellowhead County will supply the WEP firefighter accommodation (taxable benefit) and hourly wages will be paid to the WEP firefighters for time scheduled on shift.

YCFD is a composite department made up of 11 fulltime staff, 21 Casual firefighters, as well as Paid On-Call Volunteers. 

Enhancing and maintaining your skills to provide you an edge in your career search is our priority. WEP Firefighters are mentored by experienced fire officers daily through shift routines and training sessions. This repetitious routine in training will help you build upon skills acquired during your fire academy.

  • Position Details

    WEP Firefighters are remunerated for hours worked Monday thru Friday at the rate of $25.28 plus 4% holiday pay, paid out each pay period. There are opportunities to complete additional accredited certification programs, enhancing training and education for career development. The program also offers mentorship and personal development, including resume writing and interview techniques.

    WEP firefighters are provided with living accommodation during the program in YCFD’s newly constructed Station 10 fire hall. WEP firefighters have a private dorm at the fire station, designed to accommodate both men and women. This private space also has a lounge area with television and internet access.

    YCFD covers an area of 22,000 square km responding to a variety of fire related incidents.  Call volume each year ranges from 550-600 events. Being a WEP Firefighter provides knowledge and experience that fire departments look for in new recruits.

    WEP firefighters work a standard daytime shift routine Monday to Friday and they would also have the opportunity to attend incidents occurring on evenings and weekends as a Paid On-Call volunteer.

    This exposure to fire incidents will increase the WEP firefighter’s base knowledge in firefighting and rescue skills. Development of these abilities will occur as they respond to incidents.

    A 12 month commitment to the work experience program is required, with daily duties balanced between (but not limited to): fire suppression, technical rescue, medical first response, fire prevention, public education, preplanning, maintenance duties of equipment and fire station, as well as participating in community events. As part of the program, WEP firefighters are required to volunteer within the community, such as with, schools and community events.

  • Why the YCFD Work Experience Program?

    A career in the fire service is exciting, challenging, diverse and fulfilling.

    It truly is the “BEST JOB IN THE WORLD”, which with it is one of the most competitive job markets. Those who aspire to become a career firefighter are unique individuals that thrive on teamwork, helping others and contributing to their community.

    Large career departments receive thousands of applications of aspiring firefighters, and in the majority of the cases, these applications lack any job-related work experience. There also becomes a gap between graduating from a fire academy and application intakes that let your skills diminish.

    Our program is designed to give fire academy graduates additional training and the experience working full-time as a firefighter. This experience builds not only additional firefighting skills but provides life skills crucial to being able to present yourself as the best candidate during the interview stages.

    You will get to work full time as a firefighter, performing daily shift routines, live at the fire station and have an opportunity to respond to approximately 550-600 emergency incidents per year.

    You will get an opportunity to have physical and nutritional training that builds habits that are important to a lifelong career in the fire service. Career fire services strive to have the “Best of the Best” and place heavy emphasis on lifestyle to have a healthy work force.

    You will have an edge on the competition in the recruiting process when you begin applying. Recruiters in larger centers, such as Vancouver Fire Rescue, have emphasized the value of having candidates who can show relevant experience in the fire service and demonstrate their commitment to the fire service.

    This combination of work experience and personal development assists you in becoming a full package during recruitment processes, giving you confidence in being able to sell yourself as being the best candidate to the municipality.

  • Application Details & Form

    There are two positions available for the program, and applications will be received throughout the year. Interviews and screening will be booked as applicants are screened and selected.
    Successful applicants will be given notice of entrance into the Work Experience Program one week after their interview. Start date will be negotiated with the new recruit.
    Entrance Requirements:

    Required at time of application:

    1. Successful completion of an accredited 1001 course within the last 2 years
    2. Between the ages of 18 and 60 years
    3. Doctor’s Medical Clearance or Certificate of Fitness;
    4. Criminal Records Check
    5. Driver’s Abstract current within 6 months
    6. Commitment to the 12-month Work Experience Program. Individuals hired by a career department during this Program will be relieved of this commitment.

    Additional Preferences (not required)

    1. Advanced First Aid Training.
    2. Previous firefighting or other related work.
    3. Class 1 or 3 Driver’s License.
    4. Air-Brake endorsement
    5. Post-Secondary Academic Diploma
    6. Technical, Trades or equivalent level of certification
    7. Considerable Mechanical Aptitude

    To Apply:

    The WEP Program is not currently taking applications. Please check back in the future!

  • Contact Information

    The WEP Program is not currently taking applications. Please check back in the future!