February 22, 2023

Weed Free Forage

Hay you! Would you like to be a producer of Weed Free Forage in Yellowhead County?

Yellowhead County is one of 20 municipalities participating in the Alberta Certified Weed Free Forage Program and we want to help you get certified!


Invasive species such as terrestrial invasive plants are detrimental to Alberta’s environment and can cost an estimated $1 billion each year. Contaminated hay is one means by which invasive plants are spread. To address this, the North American Invasive Weed Management Association has set industry guidelines and maintains minimum standards for Certified Weed Free products in Alberta, which are recognized across North America. As a participating county, we intend to promote this program to potential buyers and help producers certify and sell their Certified Weed Free Forage!

What’s the benefit?

Certified Weed Free Forage is a value-added product, and producers with inventory of Certified Weed Free Forage will be listed on the Alberta Invasive Species Council (AISC) website! As demand for this product grows, being a supplier will not only help protect Alberta from the harmful impacts of invasive species, but their website will help you sell your Certified Weed Free Forage to potential buyers!

How does it work?

Inspections must be conducted by a Certified Weed Free Forage Inspector with authority under the Weed Control Act (e.g.,
4 Weed Inspectors) within 10 days maximum prior to harvest. If the crop is not cut within that timeline, a new inspection must be conducted. Inspectors may certify all or a portion of a field, and it’s okay if invasive species are present – a field can be certified as weed free if there are no propagative plant parts present. You’ll bale your twine with specialized blue and orange twine to mark your bales as certified. Then, reach out to the AISC at 587-999-0954 or info@abinvasives.ca to be added to their list of producers!

How can I get inspected?

Contact Yellowhead County’s Agricultural Services at 780-325-3782 and have a Certified Weed Inspector come out and inspect your forage!

Where can I get more information (click the links to visit relevant webpages)?