June 16, 2023

WCU001/002 Fire Status Update

We have received word from Alberta Wildfire and the teams working on the WCU001/002 fires (Wildwood/Evansburg area) that their wildfire status has been changed to BEING HELD. Previously, these wildfires had been burning Out Of Control.

What do these terms mean?

  • Out of control means that the wildfire is burning and is expected to continue to grow within and possibly outside of its present boundary.
  • Being held means that under the current weather conditions and the resources available, there will be no unexpected growth, however firefighters anticipate the possibility of a small amount of spread.

This status change is great news and we thank all involved for the work they have done on these fires to get them to this point. We would like to remind residents that these areas are still active wildfire areas,

Note: The EWF031 fire (east of Highway 47 and south of Edson, Niton, Carrot Creek) is still burning OUT OF CONTROL. This is also the case for the EWF035 fire (Shiningbank area). For updates on these wildfires, please continue to visit https://srd.web.alberta.ca/edson-area-update. A new update from Alberta Wildfire will be posted later today.