September 13, 2022

Older Adults Day

October 1st is the Day of Older Adults in Alberta!

Let’s celebrate the contributions of older adults, recognize those who support them, and raise awareness of the concerns of older adults!

Older adults are a vital part of our communities. As parents and grandparents, mentors and friends, employees and employers, they make a difference in our lives. It is important that we continue to recognize, celebrate and support older adults.

There are so many great opportunities to stay connected with the older adults in your life, say thank you, make sure they are safe, and see if they need anything. To stay connected safely:

  • Make a phone or video call, email or send letters to check in
  • Take an older adult(s) out for coffee, dinner or just have a face to face visit with them
  • Host a games night with family and friends
  • Write letters and send cards, drawings or photos to older adults in local continuing care facilities

To support the emotional, mental and physical well-being of older adults and to spread good cheer throughout your community:

  • Offer to assist with grocery and prescription purchases – online or delivery
  • Offer yard cleaning for older adults
  • Drop off gift baskets at older adult’s homes
  • Volunteer with organizations that support older adults, like a telephone check in program (such as the Friendly Caller Program with Yellowhead County)
  • Share stories with older adults and learn about their life experiences and history

Let’s celebrate and support older adults!