September 13, 2022

Unwanted Pesticides/Animal Meds

Attention Farmers: Do you have unwanted pesticides or livestock/equine medications?

Cleanfarms 2022 is asking you to bring in these unwanted items. Collection centers will be in the Edmonton Area ONLY from October 3rd to the 7th. The next time that Cleanfarms collection will be in these areas isn’t until 2025!

Follow these three steps to ensure that unwanted pesticides & old livestock/equine medications and can be returned in the fall:

  1. Gather – Collect your unwanted pesticides & old livestock/animal medications.
  2. Place – All items need to be placed in a sealable or spill-proof container.
  3. Return – Check to find when this program is taking place in your area then return items to your local collection site.

Bring In:
– Unwanted (or “obsolete”) agricultural pesticides (identified with a Pest Control Product number on the label).
– Commercial pesticides for golf courses and industrial and commercial pest control products (identified with a Pest Control Product number on the label).
– Livestock/equine medications that are used on-farm in the rearing of livestock, poultry or horses in an agricultural context (identified with a DIN number, serial number, notification number or Pest Control Product number on the label).
Don’t Bring:
– Fertilizer, diluted solution, large quantities of unopened product
– Full and unopened jugs of adjuvant or surfactant.
– Treated seed.
– Needles or sharps, medicated feed, aerosol containers, premises disinfectants and sanitizers, veterinary clinic waste and medications, ear tags, and aerosols
– Domestic pesticides, fertilizers and animal health products
– Any other household hazardous waste.

For specific locations, dates, and times, please go to
It’s free and easy! Visit or call Yellowhead County Agriculture Services at 780-325-3782 for more information.