February 27, 2020

Edson & County Recreation Multi-Use Facility Update

*UPDATE December 2021 – Please note that the image of the multiplex above will no longer reflect the final design of the facility. For a more recent update about the facility, visit yhcounty.ca/county-office/news/edson-county-recreation-multi-use-facility-update-dec12-21/

The Town of Edson and Yellowhead County Councils have selected a new site for the Multi-Use Recreation Facility Project.

On Tuesday, both councils held meetings and have confirmed a site north of the Hillendale subdivision as the official location for the new project moving forward.

During a Steering Committee meeting last week, committee members were given a presentation from Stantec on potential sites for the project. Three sites were reviewed for the project; the Hillendale location, the current Repsol Place site, and Griffiths Park. This review of multiple site options came from recent geotechnical findings that would result in increased development costs of the Griffiths Park location. With the increased costs at that site, the steering committee felt that a new review of all reasonable options was necessary.

Stantec’s recommendation was the new site north of Hillendale as the Town of Edson owns a large piece of land in that area. This new site offers many of the same benefits as Griffiths Park but is more suitable for this new facility. Stantec found that the Hillendale location would be less costly, the project timeline wouldn’t be impacted, and there would be fewer disruptions to service.

The development cost for an entirely new facility at the existing Repsol Place site would have been approximately $8-9 million more than building a brand-new facility at the Hillendale site. It was also determined that utilizing the Repsol Place location would add 12-18 months to the project’s construction timeline compared to the Hillendale site.

The project scope, budget, and timeline remain the same, and both municipalities remain committed to moving this project forward.

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