Mountain Pine Beetle Removal in Your Area

Mountain Pine Beetle Surveys are being conducted on pine trees in Yellowhead County.

How can I tell if my trees have been attacked?
Look for creamy globs that look like crystallized honey, called pitch tubes, and sawdust at the base of the tree and in the bark’s crevices.
If my tree is attacked, will it die?
Unfortunately, yes. Trees successfully attacked by mountain pine beetles usually die within one year.
What do I do if my tree is infested?
If you suspect a Mountain Pine Beetle infestation on your property, please contact the Yellowhead Agriculture Department in Wildwood for assistance at 1-800-814-3935.

Survey crews may require access to private property to conduct surveys and will provide identification upon request. Follow-up control activities will be conducted until completed. Only trees that are heavily hit by beetles will be removed.

You can expect to see smoke and flame in the forest. However, if you suspect it’s a wildfire, please report it by calling 310-FIRE.

Funding for the program was provided by the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry through a Mountain Pine Beetle Control Program Grant.

You can find out more about Yellowhead County’s Mountain Pine Beetle strategy here and general information about Mountain Pine Beetles and how to deal with any infestations on your property on our Pests & Predator Control page.