October 27, 2022


Public Hearing – A Public Hearing was held for Bylaw 17.22 that would return a property in Niton Junction to districting matching more closely to what it was prior to the adoption of Land Use Bylaw 09.21. The proposed amending bylaw would change the current Urban Neighbourhood District zoning to Urban Neighbourhood District, Commercial District and Rural District.
Treaty Flag – Council voted to take steps to display Treaty and Métis flags alongside the current national, provincial, and municipal flags at the Yellowhead County office in Edson. Yellowhead County will contact representatives of these nations for consent and inclusion prior to putting up these flags at the County office.
Wild Boar Update – Council received an update on the wild boar situation in the county. Administration has received two reports of sightings of boars in the county under the provincial reporting system. The update also included new wild boar monitoring that uses water testing and eDNA sampling.
ASB Bursary Awarded – A $500 Agricultural Services Bursary was awarded to Taylor Eaton on the recommendation of the Yellowhead County Agricultural Services Board. Taylor met all the requirements for the bursary and showed a history of community and agricultural participation in Yellowhead County.
Letter of Support for Seniors Grant – Council approved letters of support to both the Robb Recreation Association and the Evansburg Seniors Citizens Society expressing support for their New Horizons for Seniors Program Grant. This is a federal government grant program that provides grants to senior and senior-serving organizations.
Hamlet & Inter-municipal ASPs Updates – Council passed amendments to six hamlet Area Structure Plans (ASPs) and the Hinton-Yellowhead County Intermunicipal Development Plan. These changes included updating the references to the land use districts in the plans so they match the existing districts in Land Use Bylaw 09.21 (updated in 2021). Public Hearings were held on October 11, 2022, prior to Council voting to adopt these updates.

You can also view the highlights from the October 25, 2022 Organizational Meeting here.

The next regular Council Meeting is November 22, 2022, at 9:30 AM.
The next Governance and Priorities meeting is November 15, 2022, at 9:30 AM.