August 25, 2020


All-Saints Anglican Church Historical Designation / Evansburg Cemetery Bylaw / River Ridge Area Structure Plan / Robb Area Structure Plan / Tax Payment Agreement Request

All-Saints Anglican Church Historical Designation – Council passed Bylaw 17.20 that named the All-Saints Anglican Church in Hattonford as a Municipal Historic Resource. The bylaw includes a description of the historic building and its heritage value and a listing of the building’s character-defining elements protected through the designation.

Evansburg Cemetery Bylaw – Council passed Bylaw No. 14.20 for the Evansburg Cemetery. The new bylaw changes include new rules and guidelines for maintaining and decorating individual gravesites, specific regulations for cremation urns, and clarifying Yellowhead County’s ability to manage and control the cause of maintenance issues.

River Ridge Area Structure Plan – Council passed Bylaw 16.20 amending the River Ridge Area Structure Plan (ASP). The changes allow for an additional lot, increasing the number of lots in the subdivision to 48. Septic system and water well requirements for the new lot were all stipulated in the ASP.

Robb Area Structure Plan – Council adopted the new Robb Area Structure Plan (ASP) that provides long-term planning for the hamlet and its residents. During the development of the new Robb ASP, public engagement included stakeholder meetings, community workshops, open houses, and surveys that all contributed to the development of the final ASP. Feedback from residents and other stakeholders was received during the Public Hearing and was included in the final Robb ASP.

Tax Payment Agreement Request – Council denied a request that they received from Notine Holdings asking for a 12-month tax payment agreement. As this year’s tax payment deadline has already been extended to October 15, 2020, Council voted not to approve the company’s request.

The next Council meeting is September 15, 2020, at 9:30 AM. The next scheduled Governance & Priorities for September 22, 2020, has been cancelled.