August 22, 2023

Council Highlights August 22, 2023

West Central Airshed Society /Operations Review / Letter of Support / Land Management and Sales / Intermunicipal Plan Negates ASP / Rezoned to Protected Area / Evansburg Community Bulletin Board / Grazing Lease / County Waives Taxes on Residential Portion of Homes Lost in Fires

West Central Airshed Society – Councillor Lemieux was appointed to represent Council as a board member of the West Central Airshed Society. The society is one of ten provincial not-for-profit airshed societies comprised of independent, multi-stakeholder members responsible for monitoring regional air quality.

Operations Review – Council will have a half-day planning session on September 26, 2023 for a municipal operations review to discuss Yellowhead County Council’s priorities prior to the 2024 budget deliberations.

Letter of Support – A letter from Council will be sent in support of the Pembina Valley Golf Club’s provincial Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) grant application in the amount of $21,199.50. The provincial funding, which the golf club will be required to match funds, is for several infrastructure repairs and upgrades at their facility.

Land Management and Sales – Council adopted the Land Management Policy (6100.02) and Procedure (6100.02A) and the Land Sale Policy (6100.06) and Procedure (6100.06) documents. These policies and procedures help provide fair and consistent controls and procedures when selling or leasing county-owned property.

Intermunicipal Plan Negates ASP – Bylaw 5.23, which will repeal the Hinton West Urban Fringe Area Structure Plan (ASP), was given first reading by Council. In 2019, Yellowhead County and the Town of Hinton adopted an Intermunicipal Development Plan, which supersedes the ASP, making the Area Structure Plan obsolete. A Public Hearing is scheduled for September 26, 2023.

Rezoned to Protected Area – Final reading was given to Bylaw 02.23 for the Land Use Bylaw amendment to rezone Plan 7622234 Block 4 Lot 1 from Country Residential District to Protection District. The rezoning will reduce the development options for the Lobstick Resort property to help keep it as a park.

Evansburg Community Bulletin Board – Yellowhead County will enter into a License of Occupation with the Evansburg and Entwistle Chamber of Commerce to replace the existing community bulletin board and planter on the County’s road right-of-way.

Grazing Lease – Council approved a five-year lease to Jody and Donna Karlzen for grazing purposes for the 9.07 acres of land for $326.52 yearly. The lease opportunity was advertised in the local media.

County Waives Taxes on Residential Portion of Homes Lost in Fires – Council approved the waiver of Municipal Property Tax on the residential portion of homes for the 36 properties destroyed in the 2023 Spring Fire.

The next regular Council Meeting are September 12 & 26, 2023 at 9:30 AM.

The next Governance and Priorities meeting is September 19, 2023 at 9:30 AM.