July 11, 2023

20th Annual County Pride Winners

Yellowhead County is hosting our 20th annual County Pride Contest!

Help someone win a gift card to their favourite local greenhouse!
1st – $100 gift card 2nd – $75 gift card 3rd – $50 gift card

The results are in for the 20th annual County Pride contest! We have 4 winners again this year as there was a tie for third place.

The winners will receive a gift card to their favourite local greenhouse. Our winners are:

1st ($100 gift card) – Linda Janish

Linda Janish

“I had a garden tea party and my friends told me I should enter. My favourite colour is pink so I created a pink garden area alongside my country-style garden. I find that having my breakfast and coffee in the backyard starts the day off in peace and the beautiful flowers bring nothing but joy. nd I’m proud of all the work I put into my garden creation. That’s who I am.”

2nd ($75 gift card) – Destanne Erickson

3rd ($50 gift card) – Lois & Mel Miller and Christina Best

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this year’s County Pride contest, and to everyone who took the time to vote for their favourite!


Christina Best

Destanne Erickson

“I love to garden, it’s relaxing and peaceful. My kids are now 14,16 and 19 now which gives me lots of time to garden. I hardly ever go to a greenhouse without buying another plant.

Lyla Herbst & Diane McCharles

“Being newer residents of Yellowhead County, we love our yard, spending time in it and are very proud of it. We are also very pleased with the way Yellowhead County represented and cared for their people during this very challenging fire season.”

Heather Lacombe

Lois & Mel Miller

“We are very proud of our yard as it looks beautiful with my flowers and handmade plywood cutout animals.  Some animals nestle in our wooded areas and others attract attention from our front yard.  I love my flower gardens and have had many my trials and errors on what types of plants are successful here.  I am planting all easy maintenance, tough, and hardy plants and they are flourishing.”

Tammy Murtaugh

“I love gardening utilizing 🌺 flowers and vegetables  we have worked extremely hard this year to beautify our surroundings and take joy in our accomplishments.”

Noreen Utri

“I love my garden because it is a place I can ground myself, grow food for my family, find peace in the moment and connect with nature. I love listening to the sounds of the farm around me, and watching the birds watch from overhead.””

Erin Vanderhoek