December 10, 2021

2022 Interim Budget

On December 7, 2021, Yellowhead County Council adopted the 2022 Interim Budget. This budget was developed under a conservative approach, holding costs as reasonable as possible, with no property tax rate increase and money set aside for future needs.*

“We have all seen significant increases in the cost of living expenses for our residents and businesses. We are also aware of the uncertainty in global markets that directly impact a majority of local industries. Council was unanimous that this was not a year to go for a tax increase.” Mayor Wade Williams

Following two days of budget discussions, Council finalized their budgetary planning for the upcoming year with an interim budget of $165,728,886. This amount includes operating costs, capital expenses, requisitions from the Evergreens Foundation and provincial school taxes, revenue-sharing and cost-sharing for our municipal partners, and contributions to municipal reserves.

“In order to be responsible and considerate of the County’s future financial stability, over three million dollars has been set aside in this budget for municipal reserves. Council and administration worked hard to bring a balanced budget with a zero percent municipal tax rate increase while still planning for the future of our County.” Mayor Wade Williams

The total 2022 Interim Budget is $165,728,886:

Operations $45,358,864

Capital projects $62,621,230

Requisitions $29,146,811 **

Contribution to reserves $3,443,620

Contribution to local government $8,806,426

Amortization $16,351,935

Download the 2022 Interim Budget Capital and Operating Summary >>

Council will pass the final budget once the Evergreen Foundation and the province’s school tax requisitions are finalized in the spring. The 2022 interim budget will allow the County to proceed with operational and capital projects until the final budget is finalized.

*Although there is no increase in the municipal tax rate, property owners’ municipal taxes may be impacted by individual property value increases or decreases.

**The County does not set School and Seniors’ requisitions and is beyond the County’s control.

[$136,582,075 = This amount does not include the requisition amounts for seniors’ housing or school taxes.]