April 30, 2023

Yellowhead County Media Release (April 30, 2023 9:30 p.m.) Wildfires & Evacuation

(April 30, 2023 9:30 PM – Yellowhead County, AB) Over the last 24 hours, there has been significant growth in the wildfire impacting Yellowhead County. This has not allowed evacuated residents to return to their homes in the Evansburg and Wildwood areas.

The evacuation orders for Yellowhead County remain in effect with an increase in the evacuation area north and northwest of Wildwood. This increased evacuation area also changes the area of the State of Local Emergency to mirror the expanded evacuation area (evacuation area details can be found at yhcounty.ca.)

While firefighters have been working around the clock to try to protect homes and other infrastructure, there has been a loss of one house within the fire perimeter. Yellowhead County continues to employ structure protection including sprinklers on homes and Alberta Wildfire has been deploying air tankers and aerial bucketing.

We understand that residents affected by the wildfire are eager for more specific information regarding fire perimeters and proximity to residences and other infrastructure, however, being able to share up-to-date information can prove difficult due to several factors including smoke coverage, changing fire perimeters and weather conditions, and time delays for ensuring the most recent information is up to date for residents.

We will continue to work with Alberta Wildfire to monitor the fires and share alerts that may affect County residents. The most up to date information for wildfires can be found at www.alberta.ca/wildfire-status.aspx and https://srd.web.alberta.ca/edson-area-update. We encourage everyone to have an evacuation plan in place for themselves, family members, and pets and livestock. Evacuation preparedness information can be found at https://alberta.ca/BePrepared

It is anticipated that there have been over 800 Yellowhead County residents evacuated from their homes and we will continue to collect the names of evacuees at the reception centre and through the Emergency Evacuation Information line. Yellowhead County is also receiving residents from Parkland County. It is important that residents of Yellowhead County and Parkland who have evacuated and not yet registered call 1-833-334-4630. This allows us to contact you with updates and information.

Smoke from the wildfires can impact both the health of residents and affect driving safety if travelling through the area. Residents are reminded to take precautions related to breathing issues and driving conditions.

Fire crews continue working to get the fire under control. The wildfire is currently at 2,221 hectares in size. Wind activity and high heat this afternoon continued to keep the fire active.

Yellowhead County is continuing firefighting efforts with Alberta Wildfire and assisting with evacuation and the safety of residents and the protection of infrastructure.

Yellowhead County emergency information line for residents will remain open overnight at 1-833-334-4630.

Please stay tuned to the Yellowhead County Facebook page www.facebook.com/yellowheadcounty for the latest updates.