Yellowhead County adopts the 2023 Interim Budget

Yellowhead County Council adopted the 2023 Interim Budget on December 13, 2022. The Interim Budget was developed with a conservative approach, holding costs as reasonable as possible with a 2% tax rate increase to the municipal portion of the property tax rate.

Following two days of budget deliberations, held on November 14 and 21, 2022, Council finalized their budgetary planning for the upcoming year with an Interim Budget of $173,516,498. During these meetings, Council concentrated on developing a budget that focuses on continuing services for Yellowhead County residents and businesses while reducing the municipal operating costs for the
upcoming year.

“The goal of council was to look at opportunities to reduce operational costs, while still meeting residents’ expectations, with no reduction in services. That has been achieved with this interim budget. Council has been very, very diligent over the years and kept the taxes as low as possible.”

Mayor Wade Williams

There has not been a municipal tax rate increase from Yellowhead County since 2018. Yellowhead County Council also approved a 5% decrease in 2020.

While there hasn’t been an increase in the municipal mill rate in several years, the recent increases in the cost of most items and services and inflation needed to be reflected in the 2023 budget, resulting in the 2% increase.”

Mayor Wade Williams

This budget reflects many of the goals from Council’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan and policies that tie into future long-term planning for the County. These include Yellowhead County’s long-term bridge and road plans as part of the connectivity road network system. There are over a dozen road and bridge projects and community building and infrastructure projects in this budget.

2023 Interim Budget Summary
Total 2023 Interim Budget $173,516,498

Operations $43,850,480
Capital projects $63,629,346
Requisitions $30,961,220*
Contribution to reserves $7,524,485
Revenue Sharing agreement $7,238,975
Contribution to local government $2,696,541
Amortization of capital assets $17,615,451

The 2023 Interim Budget Summary can be viewed on the Budget & Audited Financial Statement page.

The budget will be finalized in the spring once the Seniors’ requisition and the province’s school tax requisitions are completed. This Interim Budget allows the County to proceed with operational and capital projects until that time.

*The County does not set School and Seniors’ requisitions and are beyond the County’s control.