November 23, 2022

YCFD Hosts 2021-2022 Grad Ceremony and Presents Service Medals

The Yellowhead County Fire Department held a Celebration of Honours for Service Medals and the 2021 & 2022 Recruit and Cadet Graduation Classes.

Yellowhead County, AB (November 21, 2022) – The Yellowhead County Fire Department held a graduation ceremony for their 2021 and 2022 Recruits and Cadets as well as a Service Medals presentation at the Peers Multiplex on October 28. The Celebration of Honours recognized 28 graduates between the two years, with most of the graduates attending the event. There were 5 Recruits and 2 Cadets in 2021, and 17 Recruits and 4 Cadets in 2022.

YCFD Recruits are part of the County’s Paid-On-Call Volunteer Firefighter program. In participation with their schools, Cadets are also part of the program and the youth, ages 16-18, can earn school credits while gaining valuable skills that can be applied to becoming a firefighter.

The Celebration of Honours also featured the awarding of Service Medals to YCFD members who have been serving our communities for many years.

The Alberta Emergency Service Medal is awarded to individuals who serve in Alberta as members of organizations who are involved in or directly supporting the prevention of, preparedness for, and response to day-to-day emergencies. Recipients are eligible for their medals after 12 years of service to Albertans. Recipients are also eligible to receive additional Service Bars based on years of service. The 1st Bar (Bronze) represents at least 22 years total service, the 2nd Bar (Silver) represents at least 32 years, and the 3rd Bar (Gold) represents at least 40 years.

The Canadian Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal (Federal Exemplary Medal) is awarded to individuals who have completed at least 20 years as a member of a fire service with a record of exemplary service during that period, and at least 10 of those years must have been served in the performance of duties involving potential risk.

Alberta Emergency Service Medals (AESM) were awarded to 14 members, and one member received her Federal Exemplary Medal (FEM).

Congratulations to all YCFD Graduates and Service Medal recipients!

Recruit Graduates
2021: Jamie Derbyshire, Timothy Baskill, Gregory (Jacob) Kennedy, Edmund Tamares, and Matthew Dames
2022: Cornelius Blatz, Joshua Baskill, Josie Sexsmith, Andrew Bool, Scott Ligertwood, Sydney Howard, Deirdre Poulin, Thomas Steil, Travis Rosborough, Tara Munn, Shaelynn Martens, Josh Stewart, Adrian Tyrlik, Maureen Berard, Kamleesh Knorr, Greg Farrants, and Amanda Hack

Cadet Graduates
2021: Ty Dickson and Berg Felsing
2022: Xander Stephens, Eric Roberts, Sadie Whitford, and Daniel Vergara

Service Medal Recipients
Edward Strauss, AESM Medal
John Adkins, AESM Medal
James (Jim) Akers, AESM 2nd Bar
Andrew Kencis, AESM Medal
Candice Canning, AESM Medal
Jay Lowe, AESM 2nd Bar
Robert Conger, AESM Medal & 2nd Bar
Dale Cole, AESM Medal
Thomas Heidler, AESM Medal & 2nd & 3rd Bar
Kerry Parnell, AESM 2nd Bar
William Parnell, AESM 2nd Bar
Perry Hayward, AESM 2nd & 3rd Bar
Pamela Scheffler, FEM & AESM 2nd Bar

Above: The 2022 YCFD Recruit and Cadet graduation classes on October 28.

Above: 2021 Recruit Graduate Gregory (Jacob) Kennedy receiving his certificate from Station 12 Division Chief Dave Michie.

Above: 2021 Recruit Graduate Timothy Baskill receiving his certificate from Station 10 Division Chief Leslie Schatz.