February 8, 2021

Want Faster Rural Internet?

Yellowhead County is working to bring faster high-speed internet to our residents. And we need your assistance!

Yellowhead County is applying for the Universal Broadband Fund grant. This federal grant will allow Yellowhead County to expand broadband and cellular services throughout the region—particularly in underserved areas in Yellowhead County.


The information collected from residents will help show underserved rural areas in Yellowhead County in the grant application.

Why are we working with Industry?
We’re working with industry partners [3C Information Solutions (Edmonton), Morad Communications (Edson/Hinton), ROCK Networks (Lethbridge – AB Office)] to apply for the federal Universal Broadband Fund grant program because municipalities are required to enter into a partnership with dedicated broadband service providers when applying for this grant.

The grant will allow Yellowhead County to build a new open network that any service provider can use. The goal is to get fibre connections to as many households as possible (and create new wireless options where fibre is not an option). This network will be an entirely new system and will not use old infrastructure already in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can view this PDF to see answers to some details about this project and grant proposal from Yellowhead County and the industry partners. It answers questions about:

  • connection types
  • connection speeds
  • costs for services
  • service provider options
  • fibre vs satellite (i.e Starlink)
  • survey goals

View full media release here