January 12, 2022

Understanding Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Farmer!

JANUARY 20 | 1:00 – 2:00 PM

ONLINE INFO SESSION and Q&A with the Alberta Farmers’ and Property Rights Advocate Office

No cost! Registration Required.

Join our online session on January 20 with topics that will include:
• Advocacy and stakeholder engagement
• Energy, utilities, and surface rights
• Landowner obligations related to the Water Act, Line Fence Act, Agricultural
Operations Practices Act
• Dispute resolution and mediation
• Consumer protection under the Farm Implementation and Dealership Act
• Water Well Restoration or Replacement Program
• Property rights resources

To register contact:
Yellowhead County Agricultural Services
Email: twilson@yhcounty.ca
Phone: 780 325 3782

Hosted by Yellowhead County’s Agricultural Services with the Farmers Advocate Office.