September 18, 2023

PLHS Board Members

The Pembina Lobstick Historical Society is looking for new members!!

We need great members of the community to step up and help keep the Tipple Park Museum operating!

Join as a volunteer or board member and help function and operate the museum. Without volunteers, the museum can not run.

For more info, please email

Read below to learn more about the value of the Tipple Park Museum in our community.

Reasons why the museum is important to the community:

  • We preserve the history of Evansburg, Entwistle, and the surrounding area. Our focus is on the history of the community, coal mining, railway, agriculture and lumbering industries. We also offer a variety of education programming opportunities for the community and promote local arts.
  • The museum has multiple historic buildings from the area including a log house built by the Mazeppa family in 1911, the 1941 Holly Springs School, 1931 Scout Hall, and CN Caboose. These help to tell the story of the area by allowing visitors to explore displays that represent the past.
  • We also have collections and archives which include objects, photos, journals, maps, and more which help us in preserving local history. These came from local families, businesses, and organizations and tell us information about how things used to be.
  • This includes several items belonging to Harry Marshall Erskine Evans, for whom Evansburg was named.
  • As Tipple Park Museum is located on the old mine site, we also provide information specifically about where different parts of the mine used to be and how they worked in tours to visitors. 
  • The museum and board give the community the opportunity to decide how this history is preserved and a location to facilitate this endeavor. If we lost the museum, we would lose much of the control we currently have over what gets kept and how stories are told.

The museum is also actively involved in education and community building in a variety of ways:

  • Each year, the museum puts together several rotating exhibits showcasing a variety of topics and perspectives. Many are based on research from our archive and show off artifacts in the museum’s collection. Others have been exhibits highlighting community members’ belongings that have not been donated to the museum in order to tell stories that go beyond our own collections. We also sometimes include travelling exhibits from other museums, as well as community art shows.
  • We do a variety of educational programs for school and homeschool groups. Most of our school group bookings are in the spring while homeschool programs happen year-round.
  • We host several festivals and events throughout the year, including Pumpkin Festival, Luminaria, Children’s Christmas Shopping and Little House Christmas, and many other activities.
  • We host drop-in programming for kids, guest speakers, crafting and history-based activities for adults, and provide meeting space for several local groups.